They had this dark past and this intense hatred of witches. [25] Marlene Stewart created the film's costumes, using traditional leather and linen but without an antique look. Is it a hell of a good time? "[126] Alicia Malone of IGN rated it a 4.5/10, stating "there are a few funny moments, but overall Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters is too similar to many films we've seen before. € 16,99. There's a lot of fairy tale stuff, but that fight is really real and bloody and quite brutal. "[141] DVD Talk's Jamie S. Rich summed up: "Is Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters a good movie? So as I thought about it, it made sense to me that of course they would be fated to become great witch hunters. The siblings battle Muriel before she stabs Hansel and abducts Gretel to complete her long-due ceremony. He's the brawn. Now adults, Hansel and Gretel arrive in the town of Augsburg and prevent Sheriff Berringer from executing a beautiful young woman named Mina for witchcraft. Years later, the orphans have become famous witch hunters. Often in action movies, people are scared to put that in. The witch forces Hansel to continuously eat sweets to fatten him up and enslaves Gretel. Yeah, I never worried about that, to be honest. "[37] She said that she "loved every minute" of the production and did not want it to end, also crediting it for helping her overcome her fear of getting hurt. In the case of "Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters," however, that concept is all there is and the resulting film is one of the weakest studio efforts of 2013. [57] Wirkola said Berdal was chosen for her "piercing" eyes, adding: "There are a lot of Norwegians in the film. But when it comes to explosions, blood splatters and action, it is gimmicky with objects flying to your face. "[13], Edward, a morally conflicted troll enslaved by Muriel,[50] was voiced by Robin Atkin Downes and played by Derek Mears (Jason Voorhees in 2009's Friday the 13th). Te koop 0; Verzamelaars 2; In zoeklijst 0; Nog niet te koop aangeboden.Je kunt dit item in je zoeklijst zetten. In 2010, after being approached by Gary Sanchez Productions, Wirkola pitched the film to Paramount Pictures. Het verhaal is een vervolg op het sprookje Hans en Grietje. She heals him again and uses a grimoire to bless his arsenal of weapons. Minor parts, but I knew I could get great actors in small parts and Ingrid has a great physicality. AKA: Hansel & Gretel [2013] AVI, Hansel & Gretel: Caçadores de Bruxas, Hansel e Gretel: Caçadores de Bruxas, João e Maria: Caçadores de Bruxas, Hansel And Gretel Witch Hunter. Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters—a new action film presented in IMAX 3D that is … [64][74] Wirkola said: "I'm a big believer in just using CGI to polish what you get on camera. [43] She found the time-consuming process of applying such makeup (taking three hours to apply and one hour to remove[46]) "very strange" and also felt restricted and afraid of acting over-the-top in her witch role. "[8] The filming process took three months. Ondertitels Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters - ondertitels nederlands. After getting a taste for blood as children, Hansel and Gretel have become the ultimate vigilantes, hell-bent on retribution. It was a fun way to make a classical world feel fresh. Find low everyday prices and buy online for delivery or in-store pick-up. The next morning, Mina finds him hanging from a tree and takes him to a nearby spring, where she heals his wounds and has sex with him. For the main witches, we found one animal to represent all of them, like Muriel is a wolf. Muriel tells them the truth of their past. [18] According to McKay, "the witches are awesome in it. It is a continuation to the German folklore fairy tale "Hansel and Gretel", in which the titular siblings are now grown up and working as a duo of witch exterminators for hire. On the same day (January 25) it was also released in more countries of Latin America, with the other parts of the world following between January 31 and mid-March 2013. @petertravers Follow Peter Travers's Most Recent Stories [48], Several Scandinavian actors were cast in major roles, including Pihla Viitala, Peter Stormare (who Arterton said had actually inspired her to start acting[54]),[55] Bjørn Sundquist, and Ingrid Bolsø Berdal. Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters heeft een goed uitgangspunt en weet de tijd leuk te verdrijven, maar daarmee zijn de meeste kwaliteiten wel genoemd. Hansel & Gretel are bounty hunters who track and kill witches all over the world. Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters wil een beetje teveel van alles zijn en dat breekt de film op. Meanwhile Hansel and Gretel disclose secrets about their parents. "[151] Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters has hence been labeled as a cult film by a number of horror-fantasy film fans, as well as by some critics who initially saw no merit in the movie. "[9] It took place in Germany, at the Babelsberg Studio in Potsdam-Babelsberg, in a filming location at an old forest near Berlin (production designer Stephen Scott said that he searched for and found what he believed looked like a "medieval forest" free of human interference[59]) and in the city of Braunschweig in Lower Saxony. We wanted to try to avoid the classical witch with the long nose stirring the pot. [32] Stunts for the more aggressive witches were done by New Zealander stuntwoman and actress Zoë Bell. [6] In one scene, Berringer blames the Mayor for the witches' attack and murders him in public. They are shortly picked by a witch to be food. "[52] Janssen, who could not "say enough things about Tommy [Wirkola]", said she was especially impressed at how he stuck to his specific vision and "fought" hard to hire a number of unknown European actors that would otherwise be unlikely to appear in a big studio American film,[53] in effect making it a much more international production. [N 1]. "[125] Keith Staskiewicz of Entertainment Weekly gave the film a C-, calling it "an intermittently fun, but overexcited and predictable mish-mash. But yeah, I won't be directing it. "[121] Roger Moore of The Charlotte Observer gave the film one-and-a-half out of four stars, writing that Wirkola "focuses on the fights and flings all manner of viscera at the 3-D camera as limbs are whacked off and heads and torsos explode. "Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters – Set Photos of Renner and Arterton In Costume", "Reader report from the set of Hansel & Gretel : Witch Hunters", Exclusive Interview with Stars Jeremy Renner and Gemma Arterton, Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters, "Gemma Arterton: Life's a "WITCH" for "HANSEL & GRETEL, "Hansel and Gretel to Hunt Witches in 3-D Next March", "Jeremy Renner and Gemma Arterton seek vengeance in 'Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters' - First Look", Famke Janssen: How I Got Injured on the Set of Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters, Famke Janssen Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters Premiere Interview. Edward defies Muriel and releases Gretel before Muriel throws him off the cliff. The film was panned by mainstream critics, particularly for what they saw as its weak script and gratuitous violence. Hansel and Gretel Movie The premise is that Hansel and Gretel, having evaded a horrible fate as children. Hansel falls from a witch's broomstick and is lost in the forest. She impressed Wirkola with her performance in The Disappearance of Alice Creed,[30] and, after they have met, with her "really filthy sense of humour" as "the humour is essential to this film. HoloLens PC Mobile device Xbox 360 Trailer. Hansel, Mina, and Ben disrupt the Blood Moon Sabbath. Hansel.and.Gretel.Witch.Hunters.2013.TS.XviD.MP3-MiNiStRy-por, 1CD (por). Relationships: Adrianna/Father (Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters) Adrianna/Husband; Adrianna/Muriel (Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters) Ariel Eberhart/Hansel (Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters) [94][95], The "extreme version" home release was announced by Wirkola to feature more comedy and "more guts and blood and gore, stuff that didn't make the [theatrical] cut. Hansel and Gretel discover an abandoned cabin that they learn is a witch's lair and their childhood home. "[32] She further explained the characters: "Hansel & Gretel have this unstoppable bond but they're also so different from each other. [156], On March 19, 2013, Paramount announced that a sequel to the film was in the works due to overseas box office numbers. Overview System Requirements Reviews Related. Shooting in natural outdoor sets is very important to me, compared to working on a sound stage. With Sophia Lillis, Samuel Leakey, Alice Krige, Jessica De Gouw. Hansel and Gretel Witch Hunters Interview - Gemma Arterton (2013), "Peter Stormare Cast in 'Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters'", "Berdal Joins 'Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters, Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters - Interview - Pihla Viitala. We ended up taking a lot out and altering stuff that first time. Hans en Grietje. And from there, the action keeps going. Bienvenue sur la page Facebook officielle française du film "Hansel & Gretel : Witch Hunters". Not all the time. On the positive, the brother and sister duo are fighting witches, not joining them. Catching up with Hansel and Gretel … In the fifteen years that follow, Hansel and Gretel become famed witch hunters, slaying hundreds of witches. There’s barely a plot. "[13] She recalled being "so overwhelmed by what this prosthetic business was all about", saying: "Acting has been so specific for me and what I've learned - eyes, facial expressions, all of that stuff - and with something like this, you're robbed of all of this. Soon they discover that the Blood Moon will approach in three days and the powerful dark witch Muriel is responsible for the abduction of children. When eleven children go missing in a small village, the Mayor summons Hansel and Gretel to rescue them, and they save the red haired Mina from the local sheriff who wants to burn her, accusing Mina of witchcraft. The pair are somehow immune to spells and curses, but the incident in the gingerbread house has left Hansel changed with a magic-induced form of diabetes. Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters La 15 ani de la înfricoşătoarele evenimente din căsuţa de turtă dulce, Hansel şi Gretel sunt doi neîntrecuţi vânători de vrăjitoare. [116][117], Claudia Puig of USA Today wrote "this convoluted hybrid of fairy tale and fantasy/action/comedy/horror aims for campy fun, but comes off tedious and blood-spattered. Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters is a fun and dumb movie. Nasty, mean witches, and we'll get some great actresses for them as well. Transported to Barsoom, a Civil War vet discovers a barren planet seemingly inhabited by 12-foot tall barbarians. Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The siblings engage Muriel in a brutal fight that ends with Gretel decapitating her with a shovel. Hansel (Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters)/Maria Hill (28) Brian Gamble/Natasha Romanov (Marvel) (28) Aaron Cross/Marta Shearing (21) James "Bucky" Barnes/Clint Barton/Darcy Lewis (19) Casey Shraeger/Jason Walsh (17) William Brandt & Owen Elliot (16) Clint Barton/Darcy Lewis (15) Kopen. Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters is een Amerikaans-Duitse horror/fantasy-film uitgebracht in februari 2013. Nummer. Buy. "[133] Scott Weinberg of FEARnet wrote that "aside from some very clunky editorial missteps in the film's second half, there's a good deal of wit, enthusiasm, energy, and amusing attitude to be found in the dumb-yet-self-aware Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters," all while noting that he is "not the type to act snobbish around a ridiculous film that obviously knows it's ridiculous. "[145] A more positive comparison to Raimi and Campbell's Army of Darkness was made by Pete Vonder Haar of the Houston Press, who gave it three out of five "witch hazels" and wrote: "I'm not sure if witches are the next vampires/zombies, or if the hinted-at franchise potential has any legs, but this was a perfectly vulgar way to spend 90 minutes. I am here to resolve everything. [16], I have a strong memory from my childhood of just how dark and gruesome their tale was and I wondered what would have happened to the two of them when they grew up? "[9], An announcement of Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters sparked a production of several other "Hansel and Gretel"–based films made by different studios, including The Asylum's mockbuster Hansel & Gretel,[10] Syfy's Witchslayer Gretl,[11] and Lionsgate Home Entertainment's Hansel & Gretel: Warriors of Witchcraft.

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