If you have a favorite, please let us know. Mindy Wilkes designs and creates patterns of her own. There is always something new to learn whether you are new to knitting or more advanced. Her writing is engaging and enjoyable. His passion for knitting and his designs are very adorable. About: Amy FlorenceAmy lives on the South Coast of England and her knitting podcast features knitting, yarn dyeing and sometimes spinning. Find Fiber Flux on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest | Youtube. Le meilleur des vidéos des Youtubeuses Beauté & Mode, dont le top des tendances, des conseils maquillage et style, mais aussi des tutoriels DIY. Anniken’s patterns are lovely and certainly worth browsing. Brittany aims to give fabulous crochet and knitting help via her podcasts. She aims to design patterns that are both fun and easy to make, with easy and clear instructions and bright joyful colors. The Q&A videos where fans get to ask Arne and Carlos questions are really interesting. Cassy is a knitting fanatic. Great tutorials and beautiful designs/patterns. What We Love: Ewe University has fabulous reviews, interesting tutorials and Dr Kristine Kelly is very honest and open about sharing her life’s journey outside of knitting. They also do sewing, arts & crafts, cooking and baking. Her designs are lovely and there is plenty of knitting goodness to enjoy. Also they interview other artists such as knitters, designers, dyers, and even wool producers. Off to check out theknitguru now . Wendy loves to blog about all her knitting projects and shares designs and patterns from her books. Planet Penny loves to share her passion for knitting, crochet and needle felting. Find Susan B. Anderson on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram. We will be sure to take a look. The blog keeps you up to date with all their latest happenings. She is a self taught knitter and has been establishing her craft since 2012. Her own finished objects are full of color! What We Love: Brooklyn Tweed strives hard in giving original patterns that are educational and enjoyable. Déjà j’ai…” She offers her own patterns on the site and she has also published a book on Beaded Lace Knitting. What We Love: Great resource for discovering and learning more about indie dyers. Browse her posts and you will be sure to find something you will enjoy. AVG Likes 65,692.80. At that very young age, her dream was to own a knitting store, which she has fulfilled. What We Love: Julie has something for everyone, whether it be fabulous knitting patterns or craft inspiration. There is plenty of great patterns to be found. The podcast is recording in Lisa’s home that has a lot of history. Find Knitting Board Blog on Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Youtube. Find Cottage Notebook on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest | Youtube, Find The Savvy Girls Podcast on Facebook | Twitter. What We Love: Mad Man Knitting specializes in Knitting teddy bears and has created gorgeous patterns for knitted animals and bears. Their podcast features their designs, yarns and knitting tutorials. Currently, Cheryl resides in Prince Edward County, Ontario where she teaches, designs and writes about knitting. What We Love: Karen shares stuff worth knowing about in the wonderful world of fiber arts. What We Love: Andrea and Andrew share their challenges and wins about their own knitting projects in their ‘Bring and Brag’ segment. Enjoy all the fabulous new found knowledge. Svenna is a happy Mum of a two lovable boys. Find Woolly Wormhead on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram. What We Love: Good Yarn Sarasota, has some of the best selection of yarn, fibers, tools and accessories. While the blogosphere and social media is awash with countless colourful images of incredible knitting designs and patterns, it can be difficult to know which knitting bloggers are actually worth following. His writing is delightful and his insights into the fiber community are honest and often humorous. She shares wonderful patterns great yarn finds and her love of all things orange. Although not actively blogging anymore, there is plenty of knitting goodness on her site. In addition to being a designer, she is an author, editor, journalist and podcaster! Self confessed fervent fiber nerd and frequent baker living in Montreal. What We Love: The designs and ideas are amazing and there are so many to choose from. 10:08. They feature stories about yarn companies, knitwear designers and more. I always look forward to receiving them. Find Alex Creates on Instagram | Pinterest | Youtube. About Knitdraper: Knit Draper learnt to knit as a young child, thanks to her grandmother. Each post is fun to read and I am sure knitters would resonate with some of the more frustrating aspects of knitting. She is a teacher and in her spare time knits and crochets. What we Love: I first saw Jen and Jim on a Fruity Knitting Podcast episode. Find Sew Perfect Purls Knitting Podcast on Twitter | Instagram. About: Yarn AddictAnniken’s Yarn Addict blog features her knitting design journey and super helpful tutorials. I can’t believe GG Made It was not on the list! Room Tonic features a collection of vibrant and colorful high-end furnishings, lighting and home décor accents embracing those styles of Chinoiserie Chic, Palm Beach Regency, Hollywood Regency, and Vintage Eclectic. Find Undergound Crafter on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest | Youtube. Hi Chandra. Find ACTuallyKNITting on Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest. There are some great patterns to browse. The owner Maya B writes a blog that focuses on the yarns she stocks and beautiful patterns to try as well as her thoughts on many different topics. Find Knitionary on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest. Tu veux des tutos, des conseils et des avis pour te maquiller, te coiffer et même t'habiller ? Previously the Podcast was known as Woolful. What We Love: She gives regular updates on what she’s knitting. Find Knit Collage on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest. If you are based in New York, you might be lucky enough to attend one of her Pop up events. Her posts about her own knitting progress are interesting and educational. There is so much inspiration to be found on their site. Whether you’re a spinner, felter, weaver, crocheter, knitter, or all of those things, their selection ensures that your creations are beautiful and enduring. The knitting projects she undertakes are simply gorgeous. About West Knits: Stephen loves to designs wild and bold creations including shawls, sweaters and so much more. What We Love: Knitorious shares her knitting projects interwoven with her wonderful life stories. link in bioooo ! Through her writing and creating, Felicia aims to foster a love of hand making and discuss the ways traditional domestic handcrafts have meaning and context in our everyday lives. Nathan’s designs are bold and beautiful. Her mum, grandma and aunties were all keen knitters, crocheters, dressmakers and embroiderers. She has been designing and publishing knitting patterns since 2008 and finds inspiration in people, places, and things in their hometown of Victoria, BC. His tagline says it all about his desire for his creations. Sur ce je vous dis à la prochaine, et bisous sur vos fesses :3 et si vous voulez d’autres vlog de ce style … What We Love: East London Knit is focused on both useful and beautiful crafts. Find Buckaloo View on Twitter | Instagram| Youtube. Great to see even more wonderful, hard working bloggers getting some exposure. Find Coop Knits on Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest. Her passion for all things knitting was the inspiration for beginning her blog and business. I will be sure to take a look at Petra’s site. Find Sheree Robinson Knitwear on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest. It features interviews with knitwear designers, giveaways and more. I didn’t see Jean Miles of Jean’s Knitting or The Rainey sisters unless I missed them. Felicia and her colleagues specialize in dyeing luxury knitting yarns and spinning fibers in stunningly saturated colors. Nicolette loves sharing unique knitting projects, exploring color and inspiring others creativity. Find East London Knit on Twitter | Instagram. Be sure to look through the archives, there is so much inspiration to be found there. The Knitty Blog is an extension of the Knitty Magazine. Thank you for such a fabulous list and for including me. About Alex Creates: Alex is a yarn dyer, spinner fiber artist, crochet and knitwear desinger. What We Love: Franklin’s posts are very engaging. Her posts are an insight into her design process and the inspiration she finds from the world around her. Hence the name of her Podcast and Blog – The Knitting Expat. sont interdits par les conditions générales d'utilisation de Skyrock et que tu peux être identifié par ton adresse internet ( si quelqu'un porte plainte.. Connecte-toi # Posté le jeudi 16 octobre 2014 09:12 via Skyrock iPhone Find Stitching Over the Days on Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest. She is also a passionate sewist. Designer, commentator and author of knitting books who is passionate about all making. Larissa has always loved traveling, but knitting is her more recently discovered passion, and she’s found the two complement each other very well. What We Love: NobleKnits Knitting Blog has a lot of knitting inspiration, and knitting projects that can be completed in little more than a weekend. They love putting different shades of colors in knitted items. She love sharing inspirational knitting and crafty ideas. It’s very entertaining. Knitting, crochet, drawing, painting, cooking, and her ambitious attempts at spinning and sewing. She is more active on Instagram as a way to share her designs and current projects and finished objects. I found several that I will be checking out. What We Love: Inspiring Yarns with lots of ideas for knitting projects. and at the meantime for any questions do not hesitate to contact me About: Knitting Expat PodcastMina took up knitting when living overseas back in 2014 and hasn’t stopped knitting. What We Love: A twist of Yarn is operated by a family who loves everything about fibers. Find Yarn Addict on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest. Thanks, and please let me know what you think . Find Knitter’s Review on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest, Check out the best interchangeable knitting needles. What We Love: Kiwiyarns Knits has a passion for yarn and knitting. Vicki began blogging at Knitorious year 2004. If you buy through a link on this page, I may earn an affiliate commission. Find Brooklyn Knit on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram. Latest patterns and the most innovative tools. Julie loves cozy knits, international travel and cooking. What We Love: Crafts from the Cwtch is full of knitting inspiration, the tutorials and tips are fabulous. We’re Brisbane’s most stylish source of lifestyle, fashion, food and beauty news, showcasing what’s hot, what’s new and what's on in Brisbane, Queensland, the country and the world while still celebrating everything homegrown. Head over heels in love with designing. What We Love: Drea Renee Knits focuses more on fun techniques that makes their knitted projects more interesting. Articles traitant de style tonic écrits par holimeet. The chat features what she is working on, what she has finished and also the designs she creates. This post contains affiliate links. Shirley is more active on Facebook and Twitter than her blog. Dayana’s blog will tell you how to fit it, modify it, colorr it, texturize it, chop it, save it and most importantly, wear it. I adore Libby’s designs. Leslie’s photography is inspiring. Please check out https://ggmadeit.com/blog/ – She has been featured on the front page of Raverly three times, and was featured in the Fall issue of Knitscene magaine’s “Blog Spotting”. Knitting for her is relaxing and unwinding. Find One Lupine Fiber on Facebook | Instagram. What We Love: Gaye is passionate about knitting and shares her beautiful patterns and home made designs. Knit Picks is an online knitting store that creates projects, designs and ideas. Although Katie is no longer uploading videos, there is a wealth of information on Vintage knits if that’s your passion too. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Jessica’s designs are modern and very doable. Andrea’s knitting tutorials are super helpful. You should definitely check her out! Christine’s sock patterns both paid and free are lovely. Find Handmade by Kunbi on Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest. They share their love for knitting and share triumphs as well challenges they may have encountered with their projects. He loves to talk about his knitting projects, sometimes crochet but mostly about knitting. They hope people are more inspired and motivated with what they share about knitting. What We Love: Charlotte is not actively blogging but don’t let that stop you from sifting through her posts. That’s great to hear some of your favorites are in my list. What We Love: Knitty covers helpful advice, tips and tricks to help improve your knitting confidence. Brésil : Fernando de Noronha, un paradis épargné par le tourisme de masse ; CHUTES DU NIAGARA EN BATEAU – Canada (Niagara Falls) Charlevoix (Quebec) En vacances à Turks & Caicos!! Find Arnall-Culliford Knitwear on Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest | Youtube. I understand you are saying this list came from your readers but it is your responsibility to make sure all are represented before publishing. Find Fringe Association on Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest. You will find his updates on Instagram where he features what he is doing and creating. They are designed to have a retro look but feature modern techniques. She is the Editor in Chief of Taproot Magazine and an author of three books. Steph’s stories about her knitting projects and life are heartfelt and engaging. She makes all sorts of projects, the more ambitious, the better! Find Loopn Threads on Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest. Something. About: Linda WhaleyLinda Waley has been in the knitwear design business for many years now. Ici c'est un blog basé sur Zoé Tondu ♥ Youtubeuse de mode, beauté et lifestyle :) Youtubeuse depuis le 1 sept. 2010 Vous trouverez sur mon blog les "news" de Zoé ♥ Merci de votre visite ! Jeanette is passionate about diversity in knitting, which led to a list of talented POC designers and makers being featured on her site. Together they share knitting adventures and life stories. What We Love: Mimi Codd Makes has lots to offer on her blog. are forbidden by Skyrock's 'General Terms of Use' and that you can be identified by your IP address ( if someone makes a complaint. About: Knitting By The SeaKnitting by the Sea Podcast is hosted by Lisa (Saratogaknitting on Ravelry and Instagram) and she lives in Marblehead, MA. Particularly the invisible provisional cast on. What We Love: The podcast archives has some really great knitting tips and tricks from these two very talented designers. Find Planetpenny on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest. Hi Liza She should definitely be on the list! Find Leethal Knits on Twitter | Instagram | Youtube. Très probablement vous êtes venu à cette page pour télécharger la vidéo. His photography is stunning and his blog posts share about his designing and photography pursuits. About: A Kingfisher MorningJuliet Benard is the owner of Kingfisher Morning, a yarn arts blog. She is not currently updating it. What We Love: Jane Richmond is a designer dedicated to providing cleanly written patterns that are easy to read and follow, and crisp photography. What We Love: Yolanda and her son Jordan host the podcast. Find Natalie Warner on Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest. What We Love: Karen and Maggie haven’t been updating their podcast for a while now but there is plenty of archive episodes if knitting and geekery are your passions too. Down to earth and full of fun. Hi Carol. That’s perfect, another vote for GG Made It Thanks very much for letting us know. There are wonderful knitting bloggers out there and I am so glad our list helped you find new creative people to follow. What We Love: The Yarn Pairings feature on Knit With Attitudes blog is fabulous. I would ask to also consider adding Petra Breakstone as a knit designer. I don’t know how you guys missed GG of Ggmadeit.com. Hi, I’ve just recently got into knitting, a wonderful blogger is Jennifer {at} Brome Fields. Ginny loves to knit late at night when she probably should be sleeping. Yolanda shares lots knitting projects and yarns that she loves and a bit about their everyday lives. What We Love: There are some great knitting and crochet patterns to be found on Lisa’s blog. She is truly amazed and inspired by the breadth of talent around her and been exposed to many different types of art and craft. About: The Woolly Adventures of a Knitting Kitty. Retour au blog de style-tonic. The sharing of the retreats they organise, makes you want to go! After years of experience, she never fails to create something amazing. Wow! They put the focus on independent shops, dyers and designers. About: Woolful (Now known as Making Podcast)Ashley’s Making podcast utilises a creative journey approach with guests from all aspects of the making community—from production to finished work. Patty is a nationally recognized knitting teacher and a technique expert. What We Love: Rililie’s designs are colorful and the garment construction uses really interesting techniques. What We Love: There is so much color and texture in Alex’s hand dyed yarns. About: KnitBritishLouise made it her mission to explore the British Wools being produced and to solely knit with those. About: Curious HandmadeHelen shares her love of all things knitting and designing on her podcast. Her Knit Alongs are a great way to try some of Andi’s designs. She is an avid sock knitter and there are such a variety. What We Love: Ashley is very easy to listen to and the interviews she conducts with makers and producers are very engaging. What We Love: The Stitch and Purl is not just about knitting. Find The Drunk Knitter on Instagram | Youtube. Mary is very honest and her writing is engaging. What We Love: Yarn Harlot is where you can read about interesting life experiences and stories of knitting woven in. analyses de la qualité d'audience de @style_tonic. She also has featured well-established and upcoming knitwear designers from all over the world. her designs are inspired by color and texture. Cheers Jodie, Amazing work putting this list together – bravo for highlighting so many inspiring knitters from around the world! What We Love: Glitzy and glamorous knitwear designs to be found on this site. Find Woolful on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest. I love her Instagram account too!! What exactly is the criteria for this list? About: Cottage NotebookThe Cottage Notebook is an Irish craft & lifestyle blog and podcast based on Ireland’s east coast. Followers 690,948. ‍♀️ Je pars à Disney avec la main bitch @style_tonic ( spoilers: c’était un gros FAIL) let me know ce que vous en avez pensé si vous l’avez déjà vu. AVG Comments 8,177.55. Her stories of her life as a designer are engaging. What We Love: Last year I signed up to Bluprint and have really enjoyed some of the knitting classes I have taken. There is always something on her needles and I particularly love her updates about the nature that surrounds her. As a knitter, she enjoys both the process and the product of the craft and makes every effort to create pieces that are just as fun to knit as they are to wear. Hi Natasha. They have all sorts of different yarns and are passionate about knitting and sharing gorgeous patterns for all knitting levels. Just noticed a typo, have just messaged you. What We Love: Knit Traders is a resource for fiber crafters, from knitters and crocheters to spinners and hookers. Her tenacity and perseverance lead her to trying to understand how things worked in construction and techniques in knitting. Her website is a place where knitted toys and people can live together in a spirit of fun and joy! Verified. Cheryl is an avid knitter, instructor and a designer. She shares her finished items and patterns via posting or video tutorials and loves to share her beautiful photography of the gorgeous area she lives in. Thanks so much for making this list even better. They have been creating different kinds of knitted animals for kids and been designing knitted costumes for Dog Shows. About: The Unraveling PodcastHosts Greg from Knitting Daddy and Pam Maher talk about all things related to the fiber community and also crochet and sewing. What We Love: Dana shares her beautiful knitted projects along with stories of her life. What We Love: Kristen’s patterns are designed for kids, adults and dolls. Tanis is in love with color. Karen is always more than happy to hear that someone has been inspired to try a new skill, or that they saw a link to the perfect pattern for their work from her blog. GGmadeit definitely should be on this list. Josie is a UK native, living in a cosy home which she swears is insulated with yarn and fiber! She published her own design patterns that can be found on Ravelry, and in the pages of a variety of books and magazines. Wendy Knits is a lifelong knitter obsessed with all sorts of knitting techniques and traditions. Laura is passionate about knitting and creativity. Her main interest is knitting and trying new patterns. Josie takes on some incredible projects. What We Love: Two busy women who are actively building a knitting community through their podcast and Ravelry group. About Actually Knitting:Michelle began her knitting podcast back in 2014. What We Love: Emma’s crocheted and knitted projects are wonderful and she has excellent pattern books. Following 519. Jodie. Andi uses her blog as a place to feature their knits, their favorite knitters, knitting inspirations as well as some crochet thrown in for good measure. Find Nelkin Designs on Facebook | Twitter. Her passions are knitting and acting and tries to do these activities as much as she can in her spare time. She wanted to keep it live so that people can enjoy the articles and patterns. Find Lorna Hamilton-Browns Blog on Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest. Love your latest knitting project, such a cute snake Cheers Jodie. Her photography of her knitting projects is lovely. Find Loop Knit Lounge on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest. What We Love: Libby podcasts about twice a month. For the ultimate in knitting inspiration, here’s who to look out for in 2020…. Nadia as a spinner, knitter and dyer on this blog. By using this site, you accept our use of cookies. What We Love: She often posts series of themes or images that inspire her work, it’s always great to see what sparks her ideas! We know you will find something helpful and interesting on many of the knitting blogs we have shared. Find Tight-Knit Syria on Facebook | Instagram. Find The Twisted Yarn on Facebook | Instagram. They were so passionate about what they do and since then I have followed a number of their helpful tutorials. About:Knit.fmA podcast that was hosted by talented knitwear designers Hannah Fettig and Pam Allen. Thank you for making this list. What We Love: The Yarn Thing Podcast is available as audio or video on her Youtube channel. Find Kirsten Kapur Designs on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram. Bienvenue sur mon blog! They have a lot of videos and tutorials to watch and to learn from. Find Travel Knitter on Twitter | Instagram. Their design team is committed to producing high-quality, sophisticated knitwear patterns for the modern handknitter, specially tailored for the wool yarns they create. A worthy inclusion? MAIS! GG is a warm, transparent spirit who shares knitting as a therapeutic part of her daily life. Donna was finally able to find her passion in designing patterns and writing knitting books after years of working as a technical writer. About: Arnall-Culliford KnitwearJen and Jim Arnall-Culliford are all about helping knitters improve their knitting techniques. She loves to help and is making sure that her customers are enjoying creating her designs. She enjoys knitting and through her teaching she aims to help knitters from all over the world. For anyone who fancies learning new skills from professional crafters and knitters, they’re called Les Soeurs Anglaises and this is their website : https://www.lessoeursanglaises.com/. Find Loops Knitting Blog on Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Youtube. A real feast for the eyes. Find A Kingfisher Morning on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest. There was another list about knitters years and years ago and that is where I discovered new blogs and with this new list I will discover some more new ones. Mary is a coffee addict, crocheter, knitter, etsy lover and sweatpants lover. Dani loves to share her projects via her podcasts. What We Love: Mary designs gorgeous beanie hats, scarves and headbands and shares her journey of life along the way. She is also a published author of several titles. She loves to share her passion of knitting. Not only is her written blog awesome (and the photos–OMG) but her live streaming presence connects her more intimately to her followers. What We Love: Brandi’s designs are wonderful and bold. It is such a privilege to her being part of other people’s making lives. What We Love: There is a link to Laura’s MA Dissertation “Myth – Black People Don’t Knit’ is a very worthwhile read. What We Love: Vickie Howell Blog is determined to motivate people to live creatively and live by being creative. What We Love: The Grocery Girls have their own podcast that we have featured in our list. Larissa’s blog is a record of not only her knitting, but also her traveling. What We Love: Muir and Osborne are more focused on making knitted animals and writing books. About: Sew Perfect Purls Knitting PodcastJade’s knitting podcast features a lot of spinning content. Fun! All of her creative creations on pastimes- knitting, spinning, sewing, photography, and other crafts- as well as accounts of all of her other adventures in travel, school, reading, gardening, and life in general. I’m popping in with a fun fall-inspired cookie recipe today that’s been on repeat in this house. Ginny does a little work from home, dyeing eco-friendly U.S. sourced yarn using natural dyes. So much knitting goodness to watch and listen to. He enjoys Knitalongs and sharing the work of his designer friends. Using Mindful Making as a way to balance out the chaos of an unpredictable life. Another wonderful, hard working blogger added to the post. Brooklyn Tweed supports domestic textile production that surrounds the USA. And if you come across any one in the future, make sure you come back and let me know. Greg talks about the knitting-related things he has experienced: podcasts he listened to, discussions and the like on Ravelry in which he’s been involved, books/patterns that he checked out, and what’s currently on his needles. She then started to blog for her to share to everyone her talent and knowledge in knitting. Thanks for your recommendation Val. Her designs are inspired by the amazing landscape of where she lives. Find Knitting By The Sea on Twitter | Instagram. What We Love: Hand Knitted Things has been very dedicated to their hand knits designs. Currently, she has four labels and publishes patterns. Find Blue Sky Fibers on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram. She loves to knit and spin and along with her Mom, they run Knitmore Girls Podcast. What We Love: Vivian and Allyson talk about their latest projects and yarn obsessions and is available in audio or on their Youtube channel. Find Oh My Knit on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest. Vous les…” They are designed to have a retro look but feature modern techniques. He is also the co-host of the podcast Unravelled which you will find in our Knitting Podcast section down below. The photos are fabulous too. What We Love: It is always a pleasure to read about someone’s knitting journey and Steph’s is no exception.